Getting to London Chinatown

Getting There

Traveling along M4 from the West

Start off traveling along M4. Follow M4 as it turns in to A4. After it turns in to A4 enter the next roundabout and then take the 2nd exit onto A4. Follow A4 and keep to the right of the fork that comes up to stay on A4. Continue to go straight until you come on to Piccadilly Circus road. Make a right on to Coventry Street and continue to follow until you come to Wardour Street. Make a left on to Wardour and follow it down until you are in the middle of Chinatown.

Traveling along M11 from the Northeast

Start off your trip along M11 until you come to the A406 South exit. Merge on to A406 and follow it along until you come to the next ramp. Make a slight left on to the ramp and follow it until you come to the next roundabout. Take the roundabout and take the 5th exit onto A12. Turn left onto LEA Interchange and follow it as it becomes A106. After a little less than a mile make a right to stay on A106. Turn left on to Victoria Park Roach and go through the roundabout. Turn left on to Mare Street and then right on to Hackney Road. You should turn left on to Great Eastern Street a little while after Hackney Road turns in to Old Street. Turn right to stay on Great Eastern Street and it will turn back in to Old Street. Enter the roundabout and take the exit on to A5201. Turn left on to Proctor Street after A5201 becomes A401. Turn right on to High Holborn and then left on to Shaftesbury Avenue. Make a left on to Charing Cross Road and then a Right on to Little Newport Street. Follow it along and it will become Lisle Street. Make a right onto Wardour and you will come right in to Chinatown.


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